Rick VanWagner

The significance of local politics can’t be understated. While mostly everyone pays attention to the activity in Washington, D.C., those working at the local level are the ones who you can run into on the street or leave a message with at their office – and expect a call back. Those who choose to step up and run locally are often faced with daunting dilemmas and key among them are how to keep the electorate happy.

There’s a fair amount of free reign when it comes to local politics at the mayor and council level so these town leaders are essentially given the keys to the city and entrusted with making the best decisions. How to keep businesses from leaving or enticing new ones to move in; how to keep the tax rate down; how to best foster a quality public school system and how to handle growth responsibly – these are but a few concerns that your local mayor and council must consider when conducting business.

During the Rick VanWagner mayoral run in 2014, the councilman who’d already served two terms understood the above hallmarks of effective and representative governing. As the longtime pastor of Family Christian Center, he helped to influence a lot of positive changes in his community.

In recognition of such efforts, the local chief of police honored him at the 23th anniversary for the Family Christian Center. These kinds of honors are only bestowed upon those who have proven themselves as being vested in the community. What’s more, after the Rick VanWagner mayoral run, he has traveled extensively to minister at churches both nationally and internationally.